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If your exercise routine is hindered by a sports injury or another issue with the muscular-skeletal system, then you have come to the right place. At Splash our trained therapists, sports physiotherapist and manual therapist can help!

In February 2012 Splash Health Club partnered with Fysiotherapy and Training Amsterdam. We share the motto “fit for life”. Splash provides access to their services from a modern and well-equipped health club. The trained physiotherapists work for the Fysiotherapy and Training Amsterdam and are at your service at Splash. We offer a range of expertise and work in close collaboration with both general and personal trainers at Splash, sports nutritionists, orthopaedists and other medical professionals in Amsterdam.

We specialize in the treatment of

  • Knee Injuries/Knee Rehabilitation/Back and Neck Pain
  • Shoulder and Hip Pain
  • Sports injuries /Exercise programme following injury or surgery


Reimbursement for physiotherapy or manual therapy

The cost of physiotherapy or manual therapy treatments is refundable provided that you are covered by a supplementary insurance. We can check for you what kind of treatments your insurance covers. Since 2006 you no longer need a referral from your doctor to see a physiotherapist.

Free assessment

Are you unsure if physiotherapy is the correct therapy choice for your condition? Make an obligation free appointment to discuss options. The screening form allows us to determine within 10 minutes if your condition can be treated by us. We will tell you if physiotherapy is the way forward and what will happen during treatment. When making the appointment, please specify it involves an initial assessment.

Make an appointment with:

Benjamin Bos – Manual therapist MSc, Sports Physiotherapist


Benjamin Bos is a qualified manual therapist and sports physiotherapist. He specializes in the treatment of neck, shoulder and lower back pain. In June 2014 Benjamin achieved his Master’s degree in manual therapy.

For this purpose he has researched hip injuries amongst sportspeople. Benjamin’s goal is to set up a hip expertise centre in Amsterdam. Meanwhile he has 15 years of experience in treating both recreational and professional sportspeople. As a former hockey player his affinity lies with the sport of hockey. Ben handles manual therapy, sports rehabilitation, shoulder pain, hip and groin problems and physical tests.

Since 2007 he also works as a lecturer for the physiotherapy programme at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

For an appointment or any questions please call mobile: 06 24205032 or send an email to benjamin@ftamsterdam.nl

Benjamin works on: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Jesper Arkenbout

Algemeen fysiotherapeut

Jesper is a qualified physiotherapist with a lot of knowledge in Sports. His expertise in peticular is in football and tennis, while he plays these sports himself at high (recreational) level.

Jesper studied at Hanze Hogeschool Groningen, and enjoyed a specialization in sportphysiotherapy. Since his graduation he’s also working as a physiotherapist in Den Helder. Thereby he recently is competent in Dry Needling. Jesper is a very knowledgeble and social physiotherapist with attention for every individual.

Jesper is present on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. For an appoinment you can e-mail or call  jesper@ftAmsterdam.nl or call; 020 3304855

Ananda Steur

Algemeen fysiotherapeut

Ananda is a qualified physiotherapist with a lot of knowledge in vitality, stress related physical problems, running and yoga. Her expertise is in Yoga, while she is a enthusiastic yoga teacher and still practices yoga herself everyday.

Ananda graduated cum laude in Physiotherapy at Hogeschool Utrecht and studied Health science at Vrije Univerteit Amsterdam where she did research on injuries amongst runners and how they arise.

As a physiotherapist, health scientist and yogateacher, Ananda will help you to bring your life more in balance or improve your quality of life with her holistic view on the physical body.

Ananda is present on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For an appoinment you can e-mail or call ananda@ftAmsterdam.nl / 020 3304855

For more information about our practice and therapists please visit www.ftamsterdam.nl

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